Enzo Gautier



I am passionate about building and maintaining robust and efficient IT infrastructures. My work experience includes positions at various companies such as Microsoft, the French Department of Treasury and Economic Affairs, and most recently, Keywords Studios in Tokyo. I have gained expertise in areas such as network and systems administration, automation, and project management.

Below you can find my resume. If you have questions about my profile, feel free to discuss with my virtual assistant, or to contact me by e-mail.

Senior Systems Engineer

  • Degree: Master
  • Age: 32
  • City: Tokyo, JAPAN
  • Email: enzo@gautier.it

Virtual assistant

My virtual assistant, Jarvis, is a chatbot that harnesses the power of OpenAI's GPT to answer questions about my CV. While Jarvis may not be the best conversationalist on most topics, he certainly excels at discussing my professional background. In fact, he may even have information about me that is not available in my PDF CV.

Feel free to interact with Jarvis to learn more about my career path. Please note that Jarvis can sometimes be quite enthusiastic about highlighting my qualities. Kindly forgive him, as he simply wants to be helpful and effective.

Jarvis - Virtual Assistant
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I am a Senior System Engineer at Keywords Studios, driven by excellence and passionate about working on technical projects. Below is an overview of my previous experience and degree. You can download my CV in PDF format or speak with my virtual assistant for more information.


Enzo Gautier

Innovative and deadline-driven Systems engineer with 4+ years of experience designing and developing user-centered IT solutions from initial concept to final, polished deliverable.

  • Tokyo, JAPAN
  • enzo@gautier.it


Master of Network and Systems Engineering

2014 - 2016

University Paris Saclay, France

Work/Study program with “Microsoft France”.

Bachelor of Computing System Management Y3

2013 - 2014

Institute of Technology of Carlow, Ireland

IT Carlow, Ireland, Bachelor in Computing System Management Year 3

Bachelor in Security and Administration of Networks

2012 - 2013

University of Valence, France

Work/Study program with “Les Inforoutes de l’Ardèche”.

Professional Experience

APAC Senior Systems Engineer

2020 - Present

Keywords Studios - Japan - Tokyo

  • Lead of the APAC systems engineering team
  • Deployment of ESXI infrastructures (new server and improvement of current configuration)
  • Implementation of a centralized WSUS infrastructure for the APAC region
  • Improvement of our software deployments strategy (PDQ, PowerShell)
  • Achievement: Implemented Jenkins to trigger PowerShell scripts, reducing the time required for user management and software deployment tasks

System and Network Administrator

2019 - 2020
  • Expert-level technical assistance
  • Main point of contact for production regarding new projects
  • Used full spectrum of Windows technologies, AD, DNS, DHCP, WSUS, GPO
  • Automation thanks to PowerShell
  • Network/Firewall administration (Dell and PaloAlto technology)
  • Backup administration with Veeam
  • Achievement: Deployments of 2FA VPN solution thanks to PaloAlto GlobalProtect and LinOTP. In 2020, deployment of that solution across APAC, for OpenVPN and Apache2 authentication

System and Network Administrator

2016 - 2018

Department of Treasury and Economic Affairs - China - Beijing

  • Planned and maintained a Windows domain based infrastructure
  • Managed network infrastructure
  • Assisted and trained new employees on software and company procedures
  • Created online documentation to help employees resolve day-to-day issues
  • Achievement: Implemented MPLS network with our partners to improve the stability of our China Offices connections with a remote DC in Europe


Explore a diverse range of projects and articles showcasing my expertise as a SysAdmin. Discover my work in PowerShell, Bash scripting, and technical articles aimed at optimizing systems and processes for various environments.

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Optimizing internet traffic in China


Why did you make a website for your CV?

Because it's fun :D. My first goal was to have a look on how I could use OpenAI API in a project, so I needed a goal and then I wanted a nicer interface... until I end up with that website.

Will you keep updating this website?

I hope so! I will continue using LinkedIn to showcase my entire CV and experience. However, I will also use Reactive Resume to generate single-page CVs and post them on this website.

I'm also considering whether I should use a fine-tuned model from OpenAI for my CV. I want to test it to evaluate the quality of the results, but I also need to do some calculations regarding the cost. Using a fine-tuned model would allow for a conversation with the chatbot, whereas at the moment, I'm quickly limited by the token size.

Why is the website in English and not in French?

It's because developing a multi-language website takes time, and nowadays, most browsers include a native solution to translate websites.

Did you develop this website all by yourself?

I used various resources available on the internet, as most developers do. The main structure of the site was created using a design by BootstrapMade. I then customized some elements using CSS.

The virtual assistant interface was sourced from Codepen. The code to make the assistant interactive is my own, just as the code that was developed with the help of AI is yours.

How do I handle user privacy and GDPR compliance?

I take user privacy seriously and strive to comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Here's an overview of my practices:

  • Data collection: I only log the time, questions, and answers of users to understand the types of questions being asked and to improve the chatbot's performance in the future. I share questions with OpenAI to generate answers.
  • Cookies: I use cookies to track the number of visitors, and these cookies are generated by Matomo. Data is stored on a server in France, with no access granted to third parties.
  • Data protection: I have implemented security measures to ensure the protection of the logged data.
  • User rights: As a user, you have the right to access, correct, or delete your personal data. If you wish to exercise these rights, please contact me. However, please note that if you don't input personal data within the virtual assistant, I will not have data concerning you.
  • Third-party services: I use OpenAI to process your questions and generate answers. For more information about OpenAI's privacy practices, please visit their Data Usage Policy.